We believe that we offer an outstanding combination of real-world experience and technical expertise needed for success.  Simply put, we do the best job possible with the most cost effective use of resources.

Data analysis must be accurate, meaningful, and appropriate.  We have the expertise and software to complete the necessary statistical analysis, ranging from basic percents and averages to sophisticated inferential and multivariate research methods.

Data Analysis
Data Collection Methods

Gaining full benefit from any kind of research and evaluation (or development) effort calls for efficient and attractive reporting of results.  We can develop varied reports and reporting formats to meet a wide range of client needs, including simple memos, executive summaries, final technical report documents, or specialized reporting as desired.


Results are proprietary and of course, belong to the client.  When desired, we may collaborate with clients in developing articles or other material for professional publication.

Data Collection

Data collection, be it questionnaire development, personal/telephone interview, focus group testing, test development / validation, mail-out survey, performance assessment, on-site observation, and / or electronic survey, presents the challenge of obtaining the most useful information, with the least disruption and best use of resources.  We have the expertise to select or develop measurement procedures to meet this challenge, in conjunction with client concerns and priorities.  

Services Provided:

Dan Macy, Executive Director

Macy and Associates:
Dan Macy

Jenny Aubert:

B.S. Office Administration

A.S. Computer Science.  Jenny worked in the medical insurance industry for 7 years as a programmer and data analysis specialist and has been serving part time in the public schools.  

Field Test Studies
Data Sampling

Some projects, especially those in curriculum or materials development, require field testing of preliminary versions to gain formative feedback for modification prior to production of final products.  We can design and conduct field studies to beta test preliminary versions.

Needs Assessment

Many situations call for baseline information about existing needs and priorities of groups or constituents or about the current status of certain programs or concepts.  We can find, synthesize, and summarize the necessary information from existing information resources.  We can design custom needs assessment studies to collect information from groups and constituents.

Policy Development

Policy development requires sound information, a thorough understanding of operational procedures, and recognition of future implications and potential action / reactions of the policy development.  We can help in identifying and acquiring needed information and in analyzing and describing relationships, both real and potential, within an operating system.  

Many federal and state funded projects include a mandate for educational project evaluation.  We can design and conduct a project evaluation to fulfill a variety of expectations, ranging from minimum compliance requirements to comprehensive studies to promote optimal project operation and evolution.  We have expertise in numerous evaluation models, including Scriven’s formative - summative model, Stufflebeam’s CIPP model, and other popular qualitative and quantitative models.

Project Evaluation
Dr. Dan Macy Executive Director


B.A. University of Northern Iowa; Cedar Falls, teacher education (physical education/safety education)

M.S. University of Colorado; Boulder, physical education/exercise physiology

Ph.D. University of Colorado; Boulder, educational psychology (research and evaluation/experimental design/statistical analysis)


Department of Research & Evaluation, Dallas Public Schools; Dallas, TX (1971-1982)

Macy Research Associates (1982-Present)


Dr. Macy’s Resume Summary:

Kevin Johnston:

Ralph Guidroz:

Tim Buhl:

Valerie Johnston:

BA: LeTourneau University 1982; Over 25 years in sales and sales management including director of call center specializing in political surveys and opinion polling, and data analysis.


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Sara Macy:  Operations Director
Relevant Data Analysis